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Overview: Braşov, Romania

Get your skis at Transilvania’s Pearl

Braşov is a special city of Romania, being often compared with most of medieval Europe cities, as Cracovia or Bruges. Braşov will offer you a double experience, first of all the one of a history city, embellished by significance, and than of a modern one. You could admire the houses of Sfatului Square, Black Church, the symbol of the city, or Saint Gheorghe Church, built in an old hunting countryseat. As an idea, plan your journey here near the end of August, because than it begins the international festival of pop music „Cerbul de Aur”.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Grand Hotel Perla Ciucaşului
• House of Dracula Poiana Braşov
• Ambient Hotel
• Bielmann Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Keller Steak House
• Bistro de l’Arte
• Bella Muzica
• Roata Norocului
What to do

Our Suggestions
• Sfatului Square
• Black Church
• Poiana Mountain Resort
• Bran Castle
About Braşov »
About Braşov

Because of its central location in Braşov’s Depression, the city represents an intensive destination searched by travel amateurs. Sfatului Square, Braşov’s Glade or The History Museum are just few of the main city attractions. In addition, outside these nearby attractions, as a tourist, you could walk toward the entertainment places, such as Predeal, Buşteni, Sinaia, Făgăraş or Sighişoara. Or, further, it can be realized trips to Balck Sea, to Bucovina, at the monumental monasteries in Maramureş area, expeditions on the Carpathians mountains or in the area of the dacian citadels from the Haţeg Country.

We want to remind you the important cultural significance of the city, dating before 1399, when here was founded The first romanian school from Şchei. The textual works realized here had an echo in the whole country, since that period. In the same register, the theaters and the culture institutions are also one of the city’s strength: “Sică Alexandrescu” Drama Theatre, Braşov Οpera, “Gheorghe Dima” Philarmonic or “Reduta” Cultural Centre. Braşov’s religious places are really impressive, The Black Church (XIV century), city’s symbol, must be among your interest destinations. There are interesting, also, the arhitectural styles that can be found - the preromantic one (Braşovia Citadel), roman (Saint Bartolomeu Church) or the gothic one of Black Church.
History of Braşov »
History of Braşov

The city is the best known of Bârsei Land and was mentioned since 1211 in the official documents by the Teutonic Knights as an ancient Dacian construction. It is located in the central part of the county within the Carpathian arch, at the foot of Tâmpa Hill. Saxons called it Kronstadt and it was considered one of the most powerful commercial center. The most powerful working guilds that were here, the privileged position of the city, and many commercial treaties, given by the leaders of Romania, lead to a Braşov strong commercial influence. The memory of this famous shopping center can be understood today in the Museum of History from Sfatului Square, also at the Bastion Weavers, the Black Church or St. Nicholas Church in Schei. The name of architectural city is revealed by the existing styles in the city, the pre-romantic (Fortress of Braşov), roman (Church of St. Bartholomew), gothic (the Black Church), classical (Ecaterina Gate) or renaissance one (Council House).

Archaeological discoveries from this place point to Dacian temples in the area of Solomon Rocks, of food stores in Sfatului Square, of some settlements and cities on the Snails Hill and in the Valley Citadel neighborhood. However, most of these were damaged or destroyed by the communist authorities in the program of systematization. Up to XIII century of our era, no document mentions Braşov. However, it notes a continuing housing, mostly in the Şchei or Bartholomew area. The present municipality was formed by merging of several kernels: Bartholomä, Martinsberg, Fortress (Corona), Şchei, Blumăna, New, Dârste, Stupini. The end of XIV century, namely the year 1395, represents the beginning of Braşov right to build fortifications of stone, against Ottoman power at that time. The signature of this document was of King of Hungary. Next, in the middle of fifteenth century will be one of change of the city location. Iancu of Hunedoara ordered the destruction of the city center saddle Tâmpa, the construction materials being used to strengthen the oldest medieval city of Braşov in the valley, with eight towers.

Among the important events in history of Braşov, we remind the year 1546, when here it establishes the first paper mill from the south-eastern of Europe. Then, in april of 1689, when a large fire ruins the city, and few buildings remain untouched. Following this disaster, the Braşov authorities decide banning the construction of wooden houses. Restoring the city took more than a century, time during it changed the appearance of architectural facades.

Between 8 september 1950 and 24 december 1960 it was called the City Stalin after Iosif Vissarionovici Stalin, and was capital of the region with the same name. It was declared municipality on 17 february 1968 and on 15 november 1987 peoples of Braşov turn against the communist regime. In the winter of romanian revolution, in Braşov happend violences resulting with numerous casualties, exactly 84 dead and 236 wounded, which today gives the city the title of the martyr-city.

Today, Braşov is the most famous mountain resort of Romania, a city with an excellent historical past, which can be remembered every time you visit it.
Braşov City Breaks »
Braşov City Breaks »

The discovery of Braşov region can be realized, of course, step by step literally, but the best way is by car. That’s why we remind you not to forget to buy a road map. Braşov is a city of contrasts, split in two distinct areas, here been knited the old times and the modern ones. The baroque influence area is full of charm and represents the most beloved tourists area. Among the city attractions, the museums and the old institutions are the most visited. You could visit The History Museum, The Museum of The First Romanian School, the one of Fortifications Bârsei Land, Museum of Art or Museum of Ethnography.

Braşov represents also a landmark for musical artists all around the world, because of The International Festival „Cerbul de Aur”, which takes place every year in Sfatului Square. Lovely pensions, old refurbished houses and the stylish hotels make from Braşov an oasis of refreshment and relaxation. The winter sports and the trips gather tourists from everywhere in this mountain center of good mood.
Top places to eat in Braşov »
Top places to eat in Braşov

Keller Steak House

Most of the ones that stepped here state that the steak is the best from Braşov. It is prepared after original recipies and the presentation will surprise you from the first moment. Also, the epoque decoration, the old wines and the friendly staff will offer you a relaxing night. Among specialities, we recommend you the T-Βone Steak, Braşov traditional chicken, salad endives with Roquefort or the broccoli cream.

Bistro de l’Arte
For the french kitchen lovers and for the art ones, the restaurant is perfect. Here, the photographic art, the movie one and the sculpture will be a part of your experience. The kitchen menu of this restaurant is based on its tasty soups, on its french salads, croqs or pasta specialities. The relaxing atmosphere is assured also with the possibility of serving a flavoured tea, listening of some classic jazz songs, at the cabinet piano, or the one of skimming brand new newspapers.

Bella Muzica
This hotel related restaurant differentiate itself through the high-class atmosphere and, of course, through the charming decorations. Here, without any problem, you could organize a table for your friends, for a special occasion, and you will definitely not be forgot by them for a long time. But, in the same time, you will have available tables only for two persons, in case of your romantic dinner. Try without wondering the bean soup with smokiness and tarragon served in bread.

Roata Norocului
On the road toward Poiana Braşov, close to Livada Poştei, you will meet this special restaurant. It has a very well put terrace, and the inner side is built predominantly of wood, that gives to it that home type character. The menu can offer to you almost any chicken speciality, but also ones made of pork, beef or hunting. You should not miss the soups or the meatballs prepared through a special recipe. Finnaly, the range of over 25 assortments of wines will complete your meal.
Top tourist attractions in Braşov »
Top tourist attractions in Braşov

Sfatului Square
At this moment, here is the place where everyone comes just ot relax for a nice walk and meet one with each other. In Sfatului Square, in the Middle Ages and also in the modern epoque, were regularly organized commercial faires. Because of this Braşov role, together with saxons and romanians, in Sfatului Square met merchants from Romanian Lands (Ţările Române) and Hungary. The products were sold near the gate that is at the end of Vămii Street, today Mureşenilor Street, from where you could arrive directly in the square. Here there were a lot of faires and rows in the square, of muttons, of horses, of fishes, cereals and fruits.

In Sfatului Square, The Memorial Museum „Mureşenilor House” remembers of the first political romanian newspaper appeared in 1838, “Transilvania Journal”, and near you will notice an education institution, functional even today, “Andrei Şaguna” Highschool, built in 1850.

Black Church
This building of the XVI century was known at the beginning under the name of Saint Mary Church. The church represents the most impressive gothic architecture building from Romania and from South East of Europe. It measures 89 m length, 38 m width, 21 m at the interior height and 40 m outside height.

The Black Church is famous not just through its dimensions, but also by the mural paintings of the south church porch, made after 1476, that presents Maria with her son, between Saint Ecaterina and Saint Varvara. Also, there are unique the three folds with the five paintings from the Feldioara altar, one of the most valuable polyptych altars of the late gothic style from Transilvania. In extra, the church organ is one of the biggest from South East Europe, and the anatolian carpets from the centuries XVII-XVIII are among the last remaining in the world.

Braşov Glade Mountain Resort
Poiana Braşov can be found at only 13 km away from Braşov or at two hours and a half from Bucharest. The glade is the most wanted ski resort in Romania, localized at the altitude of 1.030 m, at the foot of Postăvaru Mountain (1.802 m). Visiting this resort isn’t famous only for the winter sports that may be practiced, but also for the treatment of various sufferings. The place is recommended for the treatment of asthenic neurosis, for exhaustion times, intelectual or physical. Beside this, Postăvarul mountain from nearby it isn’t only the best ski destination in Romania, but also the right place to study the life of different plants and wild animals.

Bran Castle
In January 2009, the castle was on the list of the most beautiful 10 medieval castles of the world, accordingly to CNN channel. The first documentary attestation dates from around 1377, and is one of the most important touristic objectives from Romania, that attracts tourists especially because of its association with Dracula Count, fame acquired from the novel with the same name of Bram Stoker.

The castle is localized at less than 30 km of Braşov on the road out of Bartolomeu neighborhood wich links Braşov to Câmpulung. The Bran Castle has also a functional museum, with the same name, that stretches over fourth castle floors. At the museum there are displayed collections of ceramics, furniture, weapons and armor, and in the castle yard there is a little village museum with traditional houses from the hallway Rucăr-Βran region.
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Adabelle Hostel - Brasov
Conveniently situated in the historical centre of Brasov close to government institutions and a shopping centre, Hostel Adabelle is a 5-minute drive from the Main Railway Station.
Alpin Resort Hotel - Poiana Brasov
Ambient Hotel
Located ideally in the very heart of Brasov City-Ambient Hotel Complex is easy to access regardless of where one comes from.
Rating from: 3 guest reviews
Atlas Hotel - Brasov
Hotel Atlas is situated at the entrance to Brasov, only 20 minutes from the historical centre and near the biggest casino of the city.
Bella Muzica Hotel - Brasov
Being located in the heart of Brasov, Bella Musica Hotel invites you in a historical atmosphere, to spend a special sejour!
Bielmann Hotel - Brasov
Located only 5 km from Brasov in the old German settlement Sanpetru, the Bielmann Hotel is one of the most beautiful and well-equipped hotels in this peaceful area, offering diverse recreation.
Bradul Hotel Brasov
Three hotels - four seasons Spend an exciting holiday at SPORT, BRADUL or POIANA, three high class hotels in Poiana Brasov, the mountain resort considered to be at the top of the Romanian tourism.
Bulevard Hotel - Fagaras
Enjoying a privileged location in Fagaras, Hotel Bulevard is housed in a new building, offering comfortable accommodation with a large and complete range of services.

The spacious, modern and elegant rooms are decorated in warm intimate colours boasting beautiful views at the Fagaras Fortress and the city centre.
Casa Wagner - Brasov
We offer charming accommodation in a warm historic setting. The hotel wishes to become a home-away-from home for business or pleasure due to its style, modern features and its prime location.
City Center Hotel - Brasov
Conveniently situated in the centre of Brasov, the newly-built Hotel City Center offers comfortable and well-appointed accommodation as well as a host of services, including free Wi-Fi.
Continental Hotels - Timisu de Sus
Continental Gaiser in Timisul de Sus is a three star hotel located at 5 km away from Predeal, the highest mountain locality in the country, an area of tourism that enjoys great popularity of the most important Romanian resorts.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Coroana Hotel - Brasov
Coroana is the first modern hotel in Brasov, being opened in 1910, under the supervision of architect Schuller.
CUBIX business hotel - Romania
This stylish hotel offers you comfortable and spacious double rooms, excellent service and a convenient location in Brasov, on the national road no. 1, near the city centre.
Grand Hotel - Brasov
Situated in an peaceful area, at the foot of the mountain city, the four stars hotel offers to his guests an relaxing and pleasantly staying, enjoying an marvelous panorama. Grand Hotel is the ideal place for business journeys and hospitable place for spending free time.
Grand Hotel Perla Ciucasului - Brasov
Hotel The Grand Tour - Pearl Ciucas is the choice, giving you comfort and relaxation that you need in a perfect environment to the smallest detail, far noise and excitement of the city, with spring water from mountains Ciucas, lake and fresh air, surrounded by hills, mountains and forests.
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