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Overview: Cluj Napoca, Romania

An invitation to the commercial West!

Cluj Napoca is one of the historical capital of the Transilvania region, and its name, „Cluj”, dating since 1918, when the city became a part of Romania’s Kingdom. It will be called Cluj-Napoca in 1974. the city is remarcable through its extremely well developed and dinamic economy. Here, telephone industry, banks, an also other important romanian companies develop a profitable activity. The opportunities offered by the large number of students and foreign investors attract business people year by year. Reminding of its students, Cluj is an important academic centre, in principal thanks to University „Babeş-Βοlay”, with over 45.500 students, but also to another 8 universities. Cluj could be called also the city of the scientific researchers but, surprinsingly, a patriarchal one or, especially for youths, extremly modern.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Hotel Pami
• Tulip Inn Sunny Hill
• Best Western Topaz Hotel
• Premier Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Restaurant Panoramic
• Avocado Restaurant & Lounge
• Restaurant Capriccio
• Casa Ardeleană
What to do

Our Suggestions
• Tailors’ Bastion
• Banffy Palace
• Central Park
• The Saint Mihail Church
About Cluj Napoca »
Cluj is located in the central part of Transylvania, and his appearance is of a real citadel. Located at the crossing of national and international roads, Cluj-Napoca was always a tourist attraction. This because of the monuments of the past history and rich cultural and scientific activities favored by the invaluable values hosted in museums and libraries. Also, Cluj attract through dramatic and lyrical theaterand the Botanical Garden.

Cluj region is visited by many tourists every year, because of the surrounding hills or even the Western Carpathians which are only a few tens of kilometers from the city. Besides there are several large forests, such as Baciu, famous for stories about UFOs, Faget, Hoia or Gheorgheni. In addition, around the city are located a number of wholesale stores, including Metro, Billa, Praktiker, Cora or Sellgros.

There are several tourist resorts located a few tens of kilometers from the city. The best known is Băişoara, in the Apuseni mountains, mountain resorts frequented in the winter season. Another resort, located 50 km from Cluj, is Belis, a lake formed over an ex-village.
History of Cluj Napoca »
The first documentary attestation was realized by the greek geographer Claudius Ptolemeu, which mentioned it as being „one of the most significant places in Dacia with Napuca name”. In the medieval age, Cluj was attested documentary for the first time in 1167 under the name Castrum Clus.

The Royal Citadel Castrum Clus accomplished an urban organization until XV century. Romanian-german emperor Sigismund of Luxemburg, in the same time king of Hungary, gave Cluj in year 1405 the right similar to a free city. Step by step, Cluj became a centre for the production and products exchange. Approximately 5.000 peoples had agriculture the principal occupation and the work in workshops. At that time, the population was formed from germans, hungarians and, in a little measure, from romanians.

The citadel of Cluj gained until XV century the european recognition. Regarding the memorable events tha had happend in the city, we remember to you the moment in which Baba Novac, soldier in subordination of Mihai Viteazul was judged and burned alive in city. At the end of XVII century, after an obliged agreement signed by Mihail Apafi, Cluj citadel had to host the troops of Lorena duke, assuring to them a service of 100.000 florins. Nevertheless, soldiers robbed the city and asked suplimentary sums from the taxpayers.

Looking to the beginning of XX century, more specifically immediately after the Second World War, for cluj meant the entry in the communist period, until year 1989. After the collapse of the system, Cluj was lead for 12 years, in main, by a nationalist policy. After that, in 2004, a policy of centre-right became Cluj people option and some improvements in the city started to be made.
Cluj Napoca City Breaks »
Cluj Napoca City Breaks »

Cluj Napoca is a historical city, afirmation confirmed by the multitude of its structures. Everyone who visited the city, in majority, remain impressed by the specific of the town and promise that they will come back. Cluj is a youth city, being a huge student centre, with thousands of students that begin here their first faculty year. Night-life in Cluj isn’t boring, it has many clubs and the existing cinemas are open till the late night hours.
Top places to eat in Cluj Napoca »
Top places to eat in Cluj Napoca

Restaurant Panoramic

Panoramic will offer you a classic kitchen and a bar with the most special cocktails. There will impress you, also, the undelayed services, dicreet one, and also the familiar medium or its location. Its place is above the city and it offers an incredible view!

Avocado Restaurant & Lounge
The restaurant is remarcable through the quality of its services, but especially by the special meals of international kitchen. Here you will have the possibility to choose a really old wine or a healthy new one. If you are with your friends or in a numerous group, it won’t be any problem, the availability of the restaurant and the lounge one are very commodious.

Restaurant Capriccio
The managers of the restaurant succeded in differentiating the place from the West City Hotel sketch, through a specific elegance and classicism. The restaurant lighting is given by warm beige, golden and brown colours, and the glass wall will connect you to the street atmosphere. Here you will find a varied menu, and you could choose from the european kitchen specialities, romanian or hungarian.

Casa Ardeleană
At Casa Ardeleană you will enjoy and get closer to the traditional Ardeal region values, in the middle of the dinamic city. The atmosphere is surrounded by wood elements, clay and stone, that gives it the rustic look. We recommend you this place for the baked fried chicken, the excellent soup, for the village atmosphere and for the popular music band.
Top tourist attractions in Cluj Napoca »
Top tourist attractions in Cluj Napoca

Tailors’ Bastion
The first defensive walls of Cluj Citadel were bulit in XIII century. Over two centuries, the constructions planns were extended, and there were built bastions and entry gates, meant to protect the old fortification. Some fragments had been kept even till today, from which the most prominent one are the Bastion of Tailors and The Fireman Tower. It is one of the few towers of fortification which were part from the Old Citadel of Cluj and that remained intact till our days. The bastion represents the South-Εast corner of the medieval citadels built in XV century. It was named after tailors’ guide from Cluj, that maintained and had the city security obligation in that point, being the only bastion of the old citadel which was kept fully.

Banffy Palace
The palace represents a baroque building from the XVIII century of Cluj history and is the work of german architect Johann Eberhard Blaumann. The building was built by Gheorghe (György) Banffy count, and the rococo frontispiece has the Banffy family style, representing statues of some characters from roman mithology: Marte, Apollo, Diana, Perseu, Minerva and Hercule. From the middle of XX century, the palace houses Art National Museum of Cluj-Napoca, that has a valuable inheritage of paintings, graphics and decorative art. You can’t miss the works of some devoted artists, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ştefan Luchian, Dimitrie Paciurea or the ones of Theodor Pallady, Camil Ressu and Vasile Popescu.

Central Park
Here you can detach from the crowding and the city noise, in the simplest way. It is a very quiet and nice place, with very beautiful lake. You can rent rowboats and waterbicycles. The park has a history of over 180 years and is one of the main leisure places in Cluj-Napoca being situated on the bank of Small Someş river. As you walk in the park, you will notice also edifices of important romanian authors, the one of Liviu Rebreanu novelist and the one of the poet George Coşbuc.

The Saint Mihail Romanian-Catholic Church
This church is one of the most valuable memorial buildings of gothic architecture from Transilvania, with paintings from XV century. Tower was built in neo-gothic style in 1860. The monument was raised in the center plaza, actual Union Plaza, and it is one of the most important buildings of Someş city. Beside Black Church from Braşov and Gospel Cathedral in Sibiu, Saint Mihail Church from Cluj is considered to be one of the most great gothic buildings in Romania, with its 70m length and a height of almost 80m. Despite its extraordinary measures, it must be said the buiding it’s not a cathedral, but a church.
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Best Western Topaz Hotel - Cluj Napoca
The Best Western Hotel Topaz provides a friendly and homely atmosphere with modern facilities in a quiet district, which is near a historical and commercial area. With comfortable rooms, a traditional restaurant and a conference center, the Best Western Hotel Topaz is perfect for business and leisure.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Central Melody Hotel - Cluj-Napoc
Situated in the center of Cluj, in the very heart of Transilvania, Melody Central Hotel has a new look that inspires an intimate atmosphere and attracts tourists.
Hotel Opal
A 4 star hotel situated in the heart of Cluj Napoca.
Hotel Pami
Pami Hotel, one of the newest in its category of three stars hotels,has recently opened in municipality of Cluj-Napoca.Located in the heart of the city, able to offer quick links mostly to all directions.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Onix Hotel - Cluj Napoca
With its modern architecture and elegant ambiance, as well as all the facilities to satisfy the highest of expectations, the Onix Hotel in Cluj Napoca is the ideal host in any season and for any pleasure or business travelers.
Opal Hotel
Endowed at international standardes, Opal Hotel represents a rate of refinement and professionalism in hotel domain.
Paradis Hotel - Romania
Situated in Cluj-Napoca, a city with an important history, the main city of Transylvania, Hotel Paradis offers an elegant and modern accommodation, a place where you will enjoy the silence and the relaxation, without losing contact with the hang of town, with the accelerate pace of business matters.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Premier Hotel - Cluj Napoca
At the PREMIER hotel, you will find a young team of professionals whose purpose is to provide all the necessary conditions in order for you to have the most pleasant stay and, moreover, to return with pleasure whenever you want.
Rimini Hotel - Cluj Napoca
To make your stay perfect in Cluj Napoca, we recommend that you visit the Rimini Plaza hotel complex, the ideal place to spend a wonderful holiday, in a pleasant atmosphere with excellent four stars accommodation conditions.
Seven Hotel - Romania
The Hotel SEVEN is situated near by the center of Cluj-Napoca, on Gruia street, no.2, exactly in the place, that locals call -7 streets-.The hotel is centrally situated in the residential area.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Tulip Inn Sunny Hill - Cluj Napoca
Conveniently located around 2 km from the European Road E60 from Cluj Napoca to Turda, the Tulip Inn Sunny Hill is a perfect venue for business and leisure travelers alike, benefiting from the vicinity to many multinational and local companies.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Victoria Hotel - Cluj Napoca
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