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Overview: Constanţa, Romania

Memories at the Black Sea coast!

For sure, Constanţa, the harbour city of Black Sea, is one of the main turistical cities of Romania, especially in consequence of its sea-coasts. Constanţa is the fourth big harbour in Europe, after the one in Rotterdam, Antwerp and Marseille. Its cultural importance is, also, known through National Theatre, Theatre of Opera and Balet Oleg Danovski, Museum Complex of Natural Sciences and many others.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Splendid Hotel - Mamaia
• Royal Hotel
• Malibu Hotel
• GMG Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Restaurant Marco Polo
• Restaurant On Plonge
• Restaurant Beta
• Restaurant Beirut
What to do

Our Suggestions
• National History Museum
• Museum of Romanian Navy
• Mamaia
• Neptun-Olimp
About Constanţa »
About Constanţa

Constanţa, the biggest city of the south-east regions, is situated on the Black Sea’s coast, in the historical region Dobrogea. Here we can find the biggest harbour of Romania and the fourth of Europe, within which works the shipyard, one of the biggest after the builded and repaired ships. In Constanta can be found different examples of architectural styles.

Many of the decorated buildings, from the period 1878-1930, fall or were demolished, but the Casino, the only example of Romanian art nouveau architecture was renovated and is considered a symbol of the city. Another important Constanţa quality is represented by its develoment regarding transportation. It is the only city in Romania that has all the modern ways of transportation, road, rail, sea and air way.
History of Constanţa »
History of Constanţa

Together with Tulcea county, Constanţa belongs to Dobrogea province located on the western shore of Pontus Euxinus (Βlack Sea). Places of this county have its roots back in the times of Ancient Greece. Constanţa was built upon the old ruins of the Tomis city. The city was founded by the greek colonists that arrived on these places from far Milet in VI century B.C.

The administrative residence of the county is Constanţa, that can offer to you a wide range of tourism services, in elegant hotels, restaurants with a varied menu, bars, clubs, cinemas, theaters, fun and leisure parks. Romanian seaside has many options, you could choos from Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Techirghiol, Costineşti, Olimp, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia.

We can talk about a real development only after Romania’s victory in The Independence War (1878) when the province became mother-country. After the Independence War, it begins the modernisation of the old seaport, ranked today in the first five in the world.

Under the communist system, Constanţa maintained its status as most important romanian harbour, with the right development and giving to it the right importance. In the meanwhile, it has developed also the actual city between 1960 and 1970, because of the fast sovietic industrialization. It has incresead the shipyard, it has developed the commercial fleet and had been built lots of factories. Also, it has been noted the Contanţa’s potential as a touristic centre and had began the needed infrastructure in the actual city and in Mamaia. In present, Constanţa is the main leisure place of toursits from all around the world, thanks to its museums, old centres, buildings and, of course, its seaside resorts.
Constanţa City Breaks »
Constanţa City Breaks »

Constanta is more than just the entry point to the Black Sea coast. It is a place with a long and interesting past, attested by its many Roman vestiges, historic buildings, facades and mosques that color the Old City Centre. In Constanţa you can relax in different ways, being the ideal place for spending your vacation. You can choose a hotel at a reasonable price, with satisfactory options, than you can go to any of the nearby beaches or at one of the numerous restaurants, clubs or terraces.
Top places to eat in Constanţa »
Top places to eat in Constanţa

Restaurant Marco
Polo Marco Polo will offer you excellent serving, right prices and a big variety of meals. You can coohe the terrace, a real fully green garden, for its privacy tone. The restaurant wants to be a premium one in Constanta, point in which succeeds, everything is at its brightest.

Restaurant On Plonge
The building has a wave shape and is located just on Tomis harbour. For the sea specialities and for the floor view, it’s a must to be here. The furniture is comfortable, there is very natural light inside, being built from glass. You can try a cream shark soup, mussels one, surimi baskets with white sauce or the fatback with tomatoes, almonds and garlic.

Restaurant Beta
Here you will meet a special atmosphere, especially in the chilly nights, at the terrace. The food is excellent, and their pizza is the best from town. Because of this, in full season, the place becames fully crowded and it is most likely that you won’t find a free place. That’s why we recommend you to book a table before you really arrive there.

Restaurant Beirut
This restaurant offers you a rich lebanon specific menu, carefully prepared by authentic chefs after original recipes. You will have at your disposal a wide menu and an unforgetable atmosphere beside the dancers of „Fantasio Theatre”.
Top tourist attractions in Constanţa »
Top tourist attractions in Constanţa

The Museum of National History and Archeology
If you are keen in history, this museum must be one of your first places to visit. You will remain impressed by the pieces from paleolithic and neolithic period, pieces extremely rare. We mention only few of them: the 24 statues Tanagra style, bosom of Isis goddess, the two statues of Hecate goddess, Fortuna with Pontus „protectors of the old Tomis”, Glycon Snake or The Thinker and his wife. The Museum has 24 rooms and includes sections as the research one, archeology, modern history. Through the main exhibitions we remind you the numismatics one, the icons, the silver ornaments one of pipe pieces.

Museum of Romanian Navy
Rearranged in 1969, in the ex place of the Navy School, the Museum of Romanian Navy has a heritage that gives it an unique status. The value of the exposition in its overall is raised by the smartness with which the navy methods were been built for centuries. From the permanent exposition, there are very suggestive the tri-dimensional objects, such as the layouts of some representative and original ships and the original parts used: anchors, amphors, weapons, navigation equipments or installations of signaling and transmission.

Seaside resorts

It is unique through its large and flat beaches (aprox. 8 km by 250 m) along Black Sea, with an extremely smooth sand that allow you to do heliotherapy and wave therapy. Characteristical of this resort is the fact that the majority of the 50 hotels, villas and camps are just near it. A very popular place is „Village City” with its all 31 restaurants, decorated in rustic style, accordingly to the region and the kitchen the covers it.

Capital of youth summer holidays, the resort has a capacity of over 60.000 seats distributed in hotels, villas, bungalows and camping. Green spaces around these units, orient beach, where you can admire the sunrise, sand, golden and hot, the shore making the transition smooth through the sea, we recommend it all to tourists of all ages.

Neptune and Olymp are the finest resorts of the Romanian seaside, situated at an altitude of 5-20 m on the sand of the sea and the forest of birch Comorova. Oasis of calm and freshness, genuine sea gardens at sea shore, the two twins are some of the most attractive holiday destinations for any tourist.
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Arion Hotel - Constanta
Modern, elegant and completely renovated, Arion Residence in Constanta is located near the Port of Constanta, with a panoramic view of it, at 3 km from the train station and at 10 minutes from the center of the city. It's the ideal solution for your stay at sea for short or long business trips.
Best Western Hotel Savoy - Mamaia
Situated directly on the beach, the Best Western Savoy Hotel, after a thorough restoration, offers a marvelous holiday and large guestrooms with sea views. The three conference rooms make a good choice for business meetings and conferences.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Capri Hotel - Constanta
One of the famous hotels in Constanta, Capri Hotel awaits it's guests in 24 rooms.
Carmen Hotel - Venus
The hotel is situated in the center of the Venus resort, very close to the beach. It was renovated and modernized in the year 2002 and soon became a 4* hotel, having the purpose of improving the quality of services.
Casa Harghita - Constanta
Cocor Spa Hotel - Neptun-olimp
Situated only 50 metres from the beach in the summer resort Neptun-Olimp, Cocor Spa Hotel provides excellent facilities to spend an unforgettable vacation.
Cora Hotel - Constanta
Hotel Cora may be "your home from Constanta" and offers to guests prompt and quality services all in one new and hospitality environment. The Hotel is always open and disposes of 27 double rooms and also 2 suites, restaurant, bar, parking. All rooms have TV, direct telephone, mini-bar, air conditioned.
Decebal Hotel - Neptun
Sip freshly prepared beverages at the day bar and unwind on its terrace. Soak up the sun at the pool while your little ones are playing on the playground.
El Stefanino Hotel - Eforie Nord
Located on the picturesque promenade of Eforie Nord only 5 minutes from the centre, the Hotel El Stefanino offers magnificent views from cosy and clean rooms with high-class facilities and a direct access to the beach.
GMG Hotel - Constanta
The recently opened GMG hotel is located in the city centre, 250 metres from the Constanta beach, 200 metres from the delphinarium and the planetarium and about 800 metres from Mamaia.
Ibis Constanta - Constanta
Jolie Hotel - Constanta
Offering an intimate ambiance and privileged position in close proximity to the beach and city centre, this bright and modern residence presents the ideal base for your stay.
Malibu Hotel - Mamaia
New hotel, build in 2006, officially opened on the 20-th of July 2006, it represents in this moment the best four star accommodation offer for Mamaia, having all the requested conditions, beach position and lower prices than three stars hotels.
Maria Hotel - Constanta
The Maria Hotel is located in Constanta making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town.
OXFORD Hotel - Mamaia
Built at the entrance of Mamaia Resort, this attractive complex boasts a range of amenities and a warm ambience.
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