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Central Hotel Belgrade
2 stars
Located near Danube river!
Driving directions:

From the International Airport of Belgrade make a turn right, after 0.4 km take a turn left and head towards Highway Zagreb. Stay on Highway for 8.6 km . Make a turn left towards Novi Sad Highway , make another turn left and drive for 1.2 km. Make a turn right and get onto Solunska Street, make another turn right and after that turn left to Kupreska Street. Make a turn right from Kupreska to Timocka Street, another turn right from Timocka to Macvanska. Make a turn left to Slavise Vajnera Street, enter Gete Street. Make a turn right and enter Prvomajska Street. Make a turn left , then right and drive for 0.5 km. Make a turn left and enter Iviceva Street, then turn right to Vrtlarska Street. From Vrtlarska turn left to Gunduliceva and drive 0.4 km. make turn right from Gunduliceva to Svetosavska , turn left to Dubrovacka and after turning right enter Glavna Street where the hotel is located on number 10.

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Zemun, swallowed up by an expanding Belgrade during the 1970s, is now more of a suburb of Belgrade than a separate town, but one with an individual character that make it well worth visiting.

Nowadays, Zemun which is within close by distance of central Belgrade can easily be reached in less than fifteen minutes by regular bus or cheap taxi. Once there it is easy and pleasant to explore the area on foot. There are a good number of restaurants, cafes and other places of interest tucked away in Zemun but there are a number of areas in particular that those visiting Belgrade’s northern brother should see.

Hotel Central is located in very center of Zemun. There is the Danube River with a lot of restaurants on water and very pleasant walking path very close to the hotel. It was built in 1894 and renovated in 1983.

Hotel is 300m away from Pinki sports center, 8 km from main railway and bus station, 14 km from Nikola Tesla Airport, 4 km from Sava Center and 3.5 km from Belgrade Arena - sports center.

Hotel offers restaurant and 25 rooms with capacity of 52 beds. The hotel is consisted of two suites, ten single-bedded and eighteen double-bedded rooms, a restaurant and a conference hall. Each room is nicely decorated and equipped with private bathroom and cable TV.

Hotel restaurant offers national cuisine dishes.

Hotel Policies
Check In:
12:00 - 24/24 hours
Check Out:
11:00 hours
No fee charged if cancelled 48 hours before arrival date. Cancelled within 48 hours before arrival will result in a 1 nights charge. Failure to show up will result in a charge of the amount corresponding to the whole reservation. Please note: Your reservation will be charged to your credit card the day of your departure.
Child Policy:
Accepted cards:
Visa, Mastercard