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Corfu Royal Luxury Villas
2 stars
A breathtaking view!!!
Driving directions:

Corfu Royal Luxury Villas are situated at Prinias district, right between two popular tourist destinations, Ipsos and Barbati; they are 16 km far away from Corfu town and 18 km from the international airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias”.

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The slope where the Corfu Royal Luxury Villas are built, offers a breathtaking view, with crystal-clear blue water lying straight ahead and nothing to block your sight for as far as the town of Corfu. Furthermore Corfu Royal Luxury Villas: “Villa Rossa”, “Villa Blue” and “Villa Bianca” offer a virtually private beach, since the sublying bay is otherwise accessible only by sea!

In addition, each one of the three two-storey villas has its own swimming pool and a large slab-stoned yard, “colored” with beautiful flowers. The interior includes a particularly spacious and finely furnished living room (Satellite LCD TV provided), a fully-equipped kitchen and bedrooms with private bathroom. Note that every interior space of each house is air-conditioned.

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