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Overview: Iaşi, Romania

Iaşi, the city of students!

Not from long time the city celebrated 600 years of existency, celebration that remebered once more time about the main Iaşi atribut, the cultural one. It is the place of the first Great Union, of the first romanian theatre show, of the oldest romanian university, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, but also of the first revolution shout against communism, at 14 december 1989.

We warmly recommend you to visit Culture Palace, in the centre of the city, than a historical foray on Lăpuşneanu Street, heading your steps to Copou Hill. This last place will narrate and remind you, through the youth of approximately 40.000 yearly arriving students, about Eminescu’s poetry, about moldavian spirituality.

But Iaşi is also a modern city, it can give you any type of fun, as any european city. The Iaşi clubs, terraces and coffe-shops will colour with distinguish, in white, your nights. Related to this, the first position of your list must be occupied by the student area „Tudor Vladimirescu”.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Traian Hotel
• Studis Hotel
• Astoria Hotel
• Unirea Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Little Texas
• Hanul Dacilor
• Bolta Rece
• Casa Lavric
What to do

Our Suggestions
• Palace of Culture
• Copou Park
• Botanic Garden
• Metropolitan Cathedral
About Iaşi »
Iaşi, situated in the North-Εast of Romania, offers to its tourists a diversified experience, from the traditional-cultural specific of the historical areas and till to its occidental forms developed in the last years. Iaşi’s reputation of academic centre it’s confounded with the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” one, that attracts here students year by year from all over the country. The economy, commercial areas of the city are continuous developing here. As a proof, stands the 10 most recent commercial centres opened in the last 5 years. The second Iaşi identity is represented by the importance and churches and monasteries hoar (Metropolitan Cathedral, “Sf. Trei Ierarhi” Monastery, “Sf. Nicolae Domnesc” Church or Cetăţuia Monastery).

One of your first visits in Iaşi must include Palace of Culture, realized in neogothic style, at the beggining of the XIX century, that represents one of the cities logos. You will observe ornamental details, with heraldic exterior elements, its segmental wings and other numerous gothic elements. Here, can be visited „Gothic Chamber”, „Voievozilor Chamber” or „Henri Coandă Chamber”. Iaşi, because of the large inhabitants number, third place in Romania, offers also important relaxing and fun attractions. Pubs, coffee-shops and clubs are always crowded in the week-end days, but don’t worry about other options.

Iaşi can be for everyone a perfect relaxing place, for a vacation, but can be also the city of your academic beginnings.
History of Iaşi »
The actual city importance is given, of course, by its history. Since its existence, the city was Moldavia capital, in 1564-1859 period, capital of the United Principalities, between 1859 and 1862, as also the Romania capital, between 1916 and 1918. Now it can haughty about its rights of a cultural, economic and academic capital of Europe. Its documentary attestation wears the commercial inscription issued in 1408 by Alexandru cel Bun, regnant of Moldavia. The city is also known by its positioning within the 7 surrounding hills, Cetăţuia, Galata, Copou, Bucium-Păun, Şorogari, Repedea and Breazu.

The difficult periods of Iaşi were in the time of its arson by ottomans, in 1533, „Iaşi’s Pogrom”, from 27-29 June of Second World War, and during 1944, when it witnessed the fights between romanian-german forces and Red Army. In the recent history, the title of „initiating Revolution city from december 1989” is still on the authorities table. This because of the first romanian manifestations against communism, from 14 december 1989, stopped in the Unirii Plaza by the state forces of that time.

The city is also the place where pilgrins from all over the world came here every year, because of Parascheva’s relics at Metropolitan Cathedral, or because Saint Nicholas Church, built by Ştefan cel Mare, Trei Ierarhi Church or Golia Monastery.

Regarding the academic-culturally aspect, the city hosts the first romanian university, „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, but also the house where Ion Creangă was born, an authentical moldavian writer, or the museum dedicated to Mihai Eminescu, romanian literature identifier. Also, at „Dosoftei House” was printed for the first time, in romanian, religious book “Cazania”.
Iaşi City Breaks »
Iaşi City Breaks »

Definitely one of the main places to visit is the impressive Culture Palace, that Copou Hill, for the offered academic medium or for the relaxation offered by Copou Park. At night the city comes to life, the events or parties being a common fact. If you arrive in week-end, you will definitely find a fun option – numerous clubs, terraces, pubs and coffee-shops that are open until you would like to go at another place, the policy „till last customer” being a rule here. For all that, you can go in the Copou area or in the Tudor Vladimirescu one, both with student spirit. The places for taking your meal are also extremely various, from romanian traditional ones, italian, lebanon, but also you can choose one of the pizza’s palces, open till the morning hours. The city traffic won’t stay in your way, cause the urbanistical route plan is very easy to follow.
Top places to Eat in Iaşi »
Top places to Eat in Iaşi

Bolta Rece
Here, it says, that have met Ion Creangă and Mihai Eminescu, two of the most important romanian literature authors. It is very easy to get, because of its location near Medicine University, close to downtown. You will be able to choose from numerous goodies, as the special Bolta Rece „tochitură”, moldavian pudding or chicken “zama” with home made noodles. Don’t forget to ask for the international known Cotnari wine, or for the Tohani, Bucium, Jidvei, Murfatlar vineyards wine.

Hanul Trei Sarmale
Although it is situated at the city exit, it would be a shame to miss the experience offered by this local. Dating from XVII century, is one of the places that perfect reproduce the moldavian spirit. The building architecture is traditional, with specific peasant interior, and the orchestra delight the guests with old beautiful songs. The menu won’t disappoint you, the cabbage rolls are the places speciality, and together with a good wine will make you never leave.

Casa Lavric
You will be welcomed by the `50 years atmosphere, in a 4 star restaurant, arranged with specific objects of the old city. The jazz or the piano music playing on the background match with the historical aspect of the local. For your meal, you could order with no problem mutton pastrami with cheese and maize porridge together with a red wine.

Little Texas
At the only american type restaurant in Iaşi, you will certainly like the atmospehere arund saddles, harnesses or cowboy hats, the view or the Tex-Mex menu. As in the Wild West, you wil have the option to choose from preparations as San Jacinto, Rio Grande, The Pecos or Six Shooters. For dessert, it is waiting for you a Deep Dish Apple Pie.

Pizza Pazzo
After your party from „Pub 25”, you have to just go down the steps, and at the first right you will find the pizza place. In the menu, beside the multiple sorts of excellent pizza, you will find also local specialities. The friendly, warm atmosphere, the central Tudor Vladimirescu location and the low prices recommend this choice.

Situated on a cultural famous Iaşi street, Lascăr Catargi, the restaurant will introduce you in the oriental atmosphere: low tables, soft sofas, small pillows and veils. You will be able to order a flavoured black coffee specific to Lebanon history and you will be able to, before all, enjoy a hookah. At your table, listening to lebanon music, order one of the traditional meals, a syrupy baklava or a dawd pacha.
Top tourist attractions in Iaşi »
Top tourist attractions in Iaşi

Palace of Culture
The Palace of Culture, made in neo-gothic style, at the beginning of the XIX century represents one of the city logo. You will observe ornamental details, with heraldic exterior elements, its segmental wings and other numerous gothic elements. Here, can be visited „Gothic Chamber”, „Voievozilor Chamber” or „Henri Coandă Chamber”.

Metropolitan Cathedral
The birth certificate of the cathedral indicates the date 8 august 1826 and the idea of building it is belonging to bishop Veniamin Costachi. The marbel offered by that is represented by the presence of the scrape with the relics of Cuvioasei Parascheva, Moldavia’s protecting, since 1889. Also it it will be remarked its rectangular shape, marked at corners by four separated towers, inspired from the italian Renaissance forms.

Copou Boulevard
From the moment you just arrived in Iaşi, don’t miss a walk on the main Carol I street. For the start, in the foundation of the neighborhood, you will see one of the oldest and large romanian library, The Central Universitary Library. Of course, being the main student area from Iaşi, you will feel the students flurry, especially when you will arrive in front of the „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University. Up you could relax in the Exposition Park, Botanical Garden, Copou Park or visiting important memorial houses of Vasile Pogor, George Topârceanu or Mihail Sadoveanu writers. Eminescu’s Lime „The lovers tree” from Copou Park was in XIX century period, the most preferred quite place of the poet of a nation, Mihai Eminescu. Here he could gather his thoughts, people say that near Ion Creangă story teller and near his sweetheart Veronica Micle. Marvellously is its age, of 250 years, and the trunks force. Although the specialists were unconfident in its continuity, it developed „two additional roots, that raised besides filling and arrived through the hole in the trunk in the ground”.

The Botanic Garden
It is the oldest in Romania, founded in 1856, and covers approximately 100 ha, being one of the biggest in the whole world. There are 12 sectors, from wich we recommend you the one dedicated to aproximately 2.000 plant species, the one with the vegetation existing romanian floors, the sector „Complex of greenhouses” (mediteranean, tropical or subtropical plants) and the sector that contains over 600 types of roses.
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Astoria Hotel - Iasi
The modern 3-star Astoria Hotel is located in the historic heart of Iasi and features elegantly furnished rooms, a fine restaurant and a cosy English pub.
Ciric Hotel
Hotel Ciric is situated at the shore of Ciric Lake, 3 km from the centre of Iasi and 1.8 km from the airport, being perfectly suited for business people and leisure guests alike.

Spend a beautiful day on a romantic boat ride, explore the surroundings or take part in diverse resort activities. Unwind in the cosy and pleasant ambience of the hotel or take advantage of the official spaces offered for organising conferences or trainings.
Dorobanti Hotel - Iasi
Hotel Dorobanti enjoys a convenient location only a few 100 metres from the financial and business area of Iasi, 5 minutes from the airport, with modern and elegantly equipped accommodation.
Grand Hotel Traian - Iasi
Built in 1882 by Gustave Eiffel, this historic luxury hotel enjoys an exceptional location in the pulsating heart of Iasi, only 5 minutes from the train station and 20 minutes from the airport.
Ramada Hotel - Iasi
the hotel was designed equally for tourism business and tourism holiday and it is located right in downtown, only 15 minutes away from the airport and only 7 minutes from Central but also in the vicinity of major tourist attraction
Studis Hotel - Iasi
Due to the quality services and its facilities, Studis Hotel it is a perfect accommodation.
Unirea Hotel - Iasi
The recently renovated, modern and easily accessible Hotel Unirea in the very heart of Iasi offers well-equipped, comfortable rooms with a warm and welcoming ambiance.
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