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ROMANIA: Iaşi is the city of your academic beginnings
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ROMANIA: Cluj-Napoca was always a tourist attraction
ROMANIA: Constanţa, the biggest city of the south-east regions
ROMANIA: Braşov will offer you a double experience
ROMANIA: Sibiu - unique natural and historical heritage
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The MEDESTINO product, shall be sold exclusively to whole sale travel agencies (hereinafter referred as CLIENT) and by visiting, using or ordering from the website, the CLIENT expressly consents and agrees to be bound by MEDESTINO Terms and Conditions, legal statement and privacy policy, and to follow all applicable laws and regulations governing this website and reservation transacted via

MEDESTINO shall be able to offer accommodation services, transfer, excursion, ticket, group special offers, car rental and other destination services through MEDESTINO website, subject to established contract conditions and general conditions stated on the web and according to prices and cancellation conditions displayed when making each reservation, depending on prevailing conditions, availability and other factors. The website will inform you about the procedure for making reservations.

This legal statement and privacy policy are an integral part of our website, which cannot be separated from the general contracting conditions, operations or reservations.

The use of our website indicates complete acceptance, without exclusion, of the conditions contained in these clauses and it is a prove of express consent to contract the service booked...

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The CLIENT shall not:
- post, transmit or disseminate any information on or via this website which is or may be harmful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise illegal, or may cause an infringement of the rights of any other;
- make any other unauthorised, false or fraudulent booking;
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Beyond the strict observation and compliance of the requirements set forth by the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data; transposed from the European Directive 95/46, and completed by European Directive 2002/58, and/or any legislation that develops, adds to and, when appropriate, replaces them (hereinafter referred to by its initials PDPR –personal data protection regulation-); MEDESTINO has the compromise to protect the personal data and to manage properly that personal data as important duty for MEDESTINO.

During the application and registration as a CLIENT in MEDESTINO, The CLIENT may disclose company data and personal data regarding the User who shall be contracting on behalf of the CLIENT through MEDESTINO website and responsible of the management and administration of the access codes.

Any company or personal data regarding the User or the CLIENT shall be understood as obtained, treated and transmitted with strict observation and compliance of the requirements set forth by PDPR, and only for the purpose of completing CLIENT reservation and for the purposes of associated administration.

Any data thus collected on this website may be transmitted, according to PDPR, to those entities that must be involved in order to contract the requested services.


Confidential information shall be deemed as any information or data, whether or not it has been drawn up in hard or soft copy or in any other support that is already in use or that could be invented in the future, which each party notifies or provides to the other or that the latter may have access to with or without the knowledge and/or express consent of the other party

Therefore, confidential information shall be deemed as the following and will include, but not be limited to: any data bases and prototypes created from the documents provided, proprietary management software, computer system passwords, information on users, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, addresses of offices, agencies, departments and headquarters, computer programs, copies, Jlc, routines, sources, functional and organisational analysis, know-how, formulae, processes, ideas, inventions (whether patentable or not), financial data and development plans, strategies, the contents of any bids that may be made and any other supporting documents, data or material belonging to MEDESTINO or available in its website that the CLIENT may have access to, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, addresses of residences, signatures, ID or passport copies, credit card details, personal preferences, disabilities, or any special dietary or religious requirements or any other information related to the final consumer and the accommodation establishment or service supplier may need to access to only for the purpose of completing your reservation and for the purposes of associated administration.

Under no circumstances may the following be considered as confidential information:
Any information that is contained in public bibliography or that may become public knowledge, unless it becomes public knowledge due to a breach of the agreement by one of the parties.
Any information or know-how provided by third parties.
When disclosure is required by law.
Disclosure of any information at the request of Courts or Tribunals.
Information referring to economic data or any other kind that must be submitted to the State, local or autonomous authorities due to tax or labour requirements and administrative contracts.


Total or partial disclosure of any of the confidential information to which the CLIENT may have access to third party individuals or companies by means of contracting and performance of its services shall be expressly prohibited.

The CLIENT guarantees that its employees, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and any other parties related to the agreements between MEDESTINO and the CLIENT fulfil the confidentiality commitments contained in this document. The required measures must be adopted for such purpose and the CLIENT shall be responsible for any claim or damages caused by the non-fulfilment of this obligation.

The CLIENT undertakes to fulfil these confidentiality commitments from the date this agreement is signed and to continue to do so whether the relationship between the parties is in force or not.


If MEDESTINO needs to access to personal data which are strictly necessary to provide the services requested by the final consumer, MEDESTINO and the CLIENT shall ensure this is legally possible pursuant to the PDPR.

Any personal data which, in the use of this system, the CLIENT may disclose to MEDESTINO shall be understood as obtained, treated and transmitted with strict observation and compliance of the requirements set forth by PDPR.

MEDESTINO and the CLIENT state and guarantee that they have installed the technical and operation security measures that guarantee the security of personal data and prevent its alteration, loss, mishandling and/or unauthorised access thereto, bearing in mind the status of technology, the nature of stored data and risks to which it is exposed.

If the CLIENT wishes to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition granted by the PDPR, he/she may address or send a signed letter and indicating the performance that is requested regarding personal data and a copy of the Identification Card or passport to:

2nd km Ethnikis Peleka National Avenue P.C 49100, P.O.B , Corfu Greece

The CLIENT hereby gives express consent to allow the incorporation of any data provided to the files of existing personal data in MEDESTINO, and to the treatment of such for the purpose of management, administration, mediation and contracting of the services offered by MEDESTINO, the management of the reservations and the collection of products and services through MEDESTINO, call centres; the management of incidences; statistics; commercial publicity and other promotions by means of electronic mail, SMS, MMS or any other similar mean, and the subscription to news bulletins.

The Person in charge of these files is: MEDESTINO, with social address in Greece: MEDESTINO
2nd km Ethnikis Peleka National Avenue P.C 49100, P.O.B , Corfu Greece,

MEDESTINO and the CLIENT specifically undertake the following in the event that they have access to any personal data:

To ensure that the data is stored by means of the legally required technical and organisational security measures that guarantee the security thereof, avoiding its unauthorised alteration, loss, processing or access, pursuant to the state of technology from time to time, the nature of the data and the possible risks that it is exposed to.
To only use or apply the data to perform the agreed services and to achieve the agreed purposes.
Not to notify such data to other parties, not even for the purpose of safekeeping, nor any similar texts, assessments or processes mentioned above, nor to copy or reproduce part or all of the information, results or lists thereof.
To ensure that the data is only handled by employees who need it to perform the services and any third parties that information is revealed to must be bound to abide by the confidentiality obligation.
Once the services have been provided, they undertake to destroy such data or return it thereto, along with any supports or documents containing such information and they must not retain any copy whatsoever thereof.

MEDESTINO may disclose final consumer’s information to third parties only for the purpose of completing final consumer's reservation and for the purposes of associated administration. Any data thus collected on this website may be transmitted, according to PDPR, to those entities that must be involved in order to contract the requested services.

The CLIENT hereby authorizes MEDESTINO to use information provided to contact the CLIENT with details of other products and services offered by other companies belonging to MEDESTINO´s group, MEDESTINO Holdings.

Where your stay is outside the European Economic Area (EEA), controls on data protection may not be as strong as the legal requirements in PDPR. MEDESTINO will not however, pass any information on to any person not directly responsible for travel arrangements.