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Overview: Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and one of the largest in the Aegean sea. It is situated approximately 17,7 km from the coasts of Turkey. The population is about 130.000 persons , of which approximately 60-70.000 reside in the city of Rhodes. Rhodes called from its local people the Rose of the Aegean and deserves its name because is one of the most beautiful Greek islands.

Rhodes has the oldest tourist history from all the islands of Greece and is famous all over the world, this wonderful Greek island together with the islands of Kos, Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu attracts the most tourism in Greece. Many Hollywood films have been filmed here ,that helped more the global advertisement of Rhodes and its beauties.

The island of Rhodes has an excellent tourist infrastructure with modern Hotels of every category .During the summer hundreds of charter flights landing at Rhodes airport in Maritsa. Rhodes town is divided to the new town and the old town from the big medieval wall. The beauty of Rhodes town is the old town with the medieval castles ,houses and streets. At the port the visitor will find Mandraki with its circular Market and the Cafes at the seafront ,further on are the Art Deco buildings of the Metropolis from the times of the Italian occupation.

At the entrance of the port are the famous two columns with the two Deers at the place where supposed to be the colossus of Rhodes .The ancient city of Lindos is another of the main Attractions of the island.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Avra Beach Resort Hotel
• Belvedere Beach Hotel
• Cactus Hotel-Rhodes
• Kamiros Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Kioupia Restaurant
• Panorama restaurant
• Dinoris
• Arhontiko Restaurant
What to see

Our Suggestions
• The old City of Rhodes
• The Colossus of Rhodes
• Ancient Lindos
• Ancient Ialyssos
Nightlife in Rhodes »
Rhodes is famous for its nightlife, which offers a lot of alternatives. There are a lot of available venues for entertainment, from taverns and cafeterias, to clubs, pubs, bars, cinema's and even a casino. You can go for a walk and choose the ideal place according to the music you prefer. There are sophisticated bars for a relaxing evening and clubs for an extreme night with alcohol and dance. Rhodes' life is particularly cosmopolitan and the most popular locations to go are the Old City, Ialysos and Faliraki. In the Old City by the coastline, at Orfanidi Street, there are plenty of bars essentialy causing the street to be renamed to Bar street. Faliraki is a notorious place but mostly for young people who enjoy drinking a lot. Especially during summer the nightlife of Rhodes takes off and tourists have fun and dance up to the early morning hours.

A few proposals for your nightlife in Rhodes

Casino Rhodes
Those who enjoy lucky games and want to play around with their luck should visit the casino of Rhodes. You can play roulette, blackjack and slot machines. The entrance is allowed only to those who are over 21 years old and they must have an identity card or passport with them. The casino is located in the hotel by the same name, in the centre of city, near Elli beach. Those who love risk and action will have a beautiful night in a very enjoyable environment.

Blue Lagoon
If you visit it you will be surprised by the special setting! There is a swimming-pool and an old pirate ship. The atmosphere is exotic with parrots, palm trees and pirate shows. It is open from the morning and serves coffee and breakfast, up to the evening when is changed in a magic bar with loud, foreign music. It is located on the centre of city and it is waiting for you to live an adventurous experience.

Sticky Fingers
It is situated at Zervou Street and measures 20 years of life. It is the ideal part for those who want to hear live Rock and Roll music. The decoration is separate and the atmosphere very friendly.

Sting Club
It is from the most famous bars in Faliraki, for the frantic rhythm of entertainment that offers! Abundant alcohol, loud music, dancing up to the morning, ongoing party! It is the hottest club for the youth and is synonym of absolute freedom.

Reflection Bar
It is a picturesque bar in the heart of Rhodes, near the casino. The environment is very friendly and well organised. Reflection Bar is famous for the big variety of cocktails that makes by local exceptional liqueurs.

Kelly's Irish Bar
Kelly's Irish Bar is located in Faliraki. It is the bar that combines customers of each age, under the sounds of Irish music. Two times per week plays live music and each evening is organised karaoke competition with a lot of prizes.

Paffuto Wine Music Bar
It is situated in the Old City and is a more sophisticated bar. It is popular for the special events that organises and for the exceptional variety of wines that offers.
Beaches to visit in Rhodes »
This beach is located 22 kilometers south-east of the capital and is a calm beach. It does not offer a lot of activities and for this Afantou beach is not over crowded. The place is ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the clean waters.

Faliraki is one of the beaches of the homonym village and is located in distance of 14 kilometers from the centre, in the north-east part of the island. It is from the most cosmopolitan and crowded coasts and includes a lot of smaller beaches. You can find also a beach for nudists. They are very well organized, with umbrellas and sport activities. Around the beach there are a lot of hotels, taverns and bars available.

It is from the most exotic beaches of Rhodes and is located in distance of 50 kilometers south-east of the capital. It is a non-crowded, sandy bay, with clean waters.

Kallithea village and the homonym beach are located on the south-east coast of Rhodes. The distance from the capital is 10 kilometers. This beach is overcrowded, because it is famous for the medicinal springs and the italic spa. It is a magic place, with a lot of trees and you can find a lot of hotels and taverns.

Lindos is situated in distance of 50 kilometers from the capital. The landscape is unique and you can select between the sandy beaches and the steep beaches surrounded by rocks, according to your preferences. It is a calm bay and is the suitable part for family vacation.

You can find Tsambika beach near to village Archangelos, in the south-east part of the island. It is a cosmopolitan beach and offers many sea sport activities.

If you like the combination of hills and sea, this beach is the ideal for you. You can choose between two beaches. There is a small, sandy beach and and a beach surrounded from rocks accessible to the sea. It is located near the village Afantou, in distance of 15 kilometers from the capital.

It is a picturesque beach in distance of 38 kilometers south-east of Rhodes city. Agathi is suitable for swimming in the crystal waters and for sunbathing on the golden sand.

It is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Rhodes. It is popular because the location is suitable for windsurfing. It abstains only 7 kilometers from the city of Rhodes. The view to the mountains is splendid.

Elli beach is the central beach in the capital of Rhodes, near the casino. It is very well organized with umbrellas, sun beds and a lot of taverns. If you do not want to move far from the centre, visit this beach.
Sightseeing guide for Rhodes »
Rhodes, the island of Knights, has a rich history and has developed with the passage of the years, important culture. In the past, the dominance of foreign conquerors influenced the culture of Rhodes and the life of residents. Rhodes was the capital of medieval aristocracy and today there are a lot of impressive historical and modern monuments that you should visit.

Old City
The old City of Rhodes is the biggest medieval city in Europe. It is considered to be one of the most important monuments of world cultural heritage.rhodes knights road It is a very picturesque city, with narrow streets and buildings of traditional architecture. Make a walk around and you can admire the medieval castle, the gates, the towers, the squares, the medieval churches, the bridges. Of course, you should not omit to visit the Castle of Knights, the old Clock and the Acropolis, in which you will see a lot of monuments such as the Temple of Zeus and Athena, the Temple of Apollo and the stadium. In the old city you feel like living in another season and you will like it so much, that you will not want to leave.

The Colossus of Rhodes
The Colossus of Rhodes was one of the 7 wonders of the world, standed imposing at the port entracne and the ships passed beneath it. It was a bronze statue of 31 meters tall that needed 12 years in order to be constructed. 66 years after its construction, it was destroyed by an earthquake, it was not reconstructed.

Ancient Lindos
Lindos is another ancient city of Rhodes and is located 31 miles south-east of the capital. Lindos is the jewel of Rhodes and perhaps the most picturesque city of the island. There are mansions and narrow streets. Lindos Acropolis is almost so much famous, as much as the Acropolis in Athens. You can admire the ancient temple and the towers.

Ancient Ialyssos
The Acropolis in Ialyssos is another eminent historical monument and is located on the north part of the island. There are ruins from the Achaic, Byzantine and knight's period. The Dorian temple of Athena, the church of Knights and the medieval monastery, are some of the most worth-visiting monuments.

Ancient Kamiros
Ancient Kamiros was one from the three most active cities of Rhodes. It is located in a distance of 22 miles south-west from the capital, on the side of a hill. The city was destroyed by an earthquake and today you can visit the ruins that were discovered in the excavations. Most ruins were from the Hellenistic period and belong to the Temple of Athena, to the ancient market and to Dorian temples.

( tel. 2241 0 27308) The aquarium is located in the New City of Rhodes and measures 80 years of life. Its aim is the study of flora and fauna that is developed around the Dodecanese Islands. At the exhibitions you can admire rare marine types, turtles and monk seals. If you are ecologists or not, you will be surprised from the unique spectacle.

Valley of the Butterflies
The valley of the Butterflies is located 15 kilometers south-west of the capital. The environment is very beautiful, because it is surrounded by hills, with a lot of trees and streams. Hundreds of colorful butterflies select places such as this, in order to lay their eggs. The valley is full of butterflies during the summer period, from June to September, which is also the peak tourist period. This fact is disturbing because tourists many times make trouble and the butterflies are bothered. For this reason, try to not cause a lot of noise. It is a very beautiful location for relax and there is a restaurant in order to enjoy a dinner in a shady place during the hot days of the summer. Finally, there is a shop that sells products that have a relation with butterflies.

Seven Springs
The Seven Springs are located in a distance of 19 miles south-east of the capital. The location is splendid, with a lot of pines and plane trees and for this reason, the temperature is lower. There is a lake that is constituted by 7 springs and you can see geese, ducks and peacocks. Do not omit to visit this shady part and have lunch in the tavern with the panoramic view to the mountains.

Municipal Museum of Modern Greek Art
This museum is located in the medieval city, at Simi square. The museum of Modern Art is a not profitable municipal institution and its aim is the study and promotion of Modern Greek culture, to the local and international community. The museum includes 3 exhibitions: Gallery, New Gallery, and Modern Art Centre. There is a rich collection of painting, engraving and sculpture. The museum renews the exhibitions often and organizes events in order to inform the public for subjects of art and culture.

Archeological Museum
The archaeological Museum of Rhodes is situated in the capital of Rhodes. You can admire objects from the Hellenistic period such as vases, ceramic objects, sarcophaguses, statues. Here is also the eminent statue of Venus of Rhodes, that was manufactured the 5th B.C. century and it is the jewel of the museum.
Transportation guide for Rhodes »
Getting to Rhodes
You can go to Rhodes using sea transport either by ferry boat or by high speed catamaran boats. From Piraeus port there are daily departures for all Dodecanese Islands. Usually the boats travel during night. Certain boats go direct to Rhodes, while some other stop in other islands, such as in Patmos, in Kalymnos, in Leros, in Kos. Ticket prices for Rhodes vary, depending on the season you will select to visit the island, as well as the type of boat. The duration of travel is from 13 until 17 hours and for this reason it would be a good idea to have a cabin in order to sleep a little. Rhodes is connected by sea (less frequent connection) with other Greek ports, such as Thessalonici, Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. You can book your ferry tickets to Rhodes from

Alternatively, many people opt to travel to the island of Rhodes by plane, because the trip by boat is too long. Planes depart very often during summer months from the airports of Athens Eleytherios Benizelos, Thessaloniki, Crete as well as others on the aegean islands. During the tourist high season in July-August there is also direct air connection with a lot of European cities or Turkish cities. Air ticket prices can be particularly low, if you make the reservation far in advance. You can book your air tickets from Diagoras international airport of Rhodes is located in the western part of the island, 14 kilometers from the capital and you can go there by taxi or by private means of transport.

Getting around when on the island of Rhodes

Taxis in Greece are used very often as means of transport because they are quick.rhodes mapIt can be more expensive than the bus, but in contrast to other cities abroad taxis in Greece are very cheap. In Rhodes there are a lot of stations where you can find a taxi, but there is also the possibility of using your telephone (radio taxi) to book one. In the second case, the taxi comes to you and you do not need to wait at the station in order to get one. However, it costs a little more. Taxis in Rhodes are blue with white roof tops. Even if there is a limit in the price that you will pay for each destination, taxis in Rhodes have meters that begin from a minimal charge. Of course do not forget that during the night there is double charge as in most Greek destinations if not all of them.

Buses in Rhodes offer the possibility to get around to many parts of the island in a pleasant and cheap way. You can buy tickets from the bus station or inside the bus, from the driver. There are 2 different bus services:
* Municipal transportation company RODA (2241 0 26300-24129) Buses make routes in the centre of the city, in suburbs (for example Kastri, Ialysos, Maritsa, Paradeisi), and in the western side of theisland (for example Theologos, Eleoysa, Platania).
* * KTEL (2241 0 27706-75134) KTEL buses travel to the regions in the Eastern side of the island such as Faliraki, Afantoy, Archangelos, Lindos,Kallithea.

Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece and for this it is difficult for you to get around without a private car. You can bring your car with the boat, but it does not worth to do it. It is preferable, but also necessary to rent a car, for at least 2 days, so as you can explore the island comfortably and fast. In order to rent a car you can use our car hire service for the Greek islands. Having a car gives you the opportunity to visit places you could not see by bus. However always carry your driving licence with you and use your seat belt and never drive while you have drank!!!

Finally, as in all islands, in Rhodes there is the possibility of transportation by small boat. There are small boats that can transfer you in certain steep beaches of the island or in various smaller nearby islands. At the port in Mantraki you can find information on the routes and ticket prices.
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Agla Hotel
Agla Hotel is the ideal choice for both holidays and business travelers. Enjoy a premier location, inside of Rodos town, only 50 meters from the beach and less than 5min walk from many famous sights!
Alexia Hotel & Studio
Alexia offers to all their guests a spacious, refurbished and nicely decorated studios and rooms. Located on the west side of the island of Rhodes, Alexia Hotel ensure you a most pleasant stay!
Andreas Hotel
Find built-in social life and cosmopolitan travellers of all ages and Western nationalities, breakfasting on the beautiful enclosed terrace, overlooking the Aegean replete with fragrant lemon trees
Angela Hotel Suites
From the first sight you will be amazed from the beauty, the style and the design of Hotel Angela Suites. Its location, its decoration and surroundings will make your stay an unforgettable memory.
Rating from: 3 guest reviews
Annapolis Inn
The ‘Boutique Style’ surroundings as well as the beautiful Pool Gardens make it a truly distinctive hotel that captures the essence of comfortable living.
Aquarium View Hotel - Rhodes
Atrium Palace Resort & Villas
The Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas is the ideal place for an unforgettable vacation and relaxing holiday.
Rating from: 5 guest reviews
Avra Beach Resort Hotel - Bungalows
Set on a prime location on Rhodes island (Ixia beach),
Avra Beach Resort Hotel-Bungalows is rising the standards for holidays in Greece!
Rating from: 4 guest reviews
Belair Beach Hotel
Hotel Belair Beach is a typical resort hotel, set on a hillside away from the road and giving a good view of the ocean. An excellent value for money hotel, providing high standards of services.
Rating from: 3 guest reviews
Belvedere Beach Hotel
Belvedere Beach Hotel is a 4 Star hotel situated on Kanari beach of Rhodes. The Hotel provides you a spacious and modern-furnished rooms and an excelent sevices to make you a memorable stay!
Rating from: 3 guest reviews
Cactus Hotel-Rhodes
All the Hotel's conveniences, combined with the staff's hospitality, create a very warm and friendly atmosphere, which is bound to make your holidays in Rhodes Island, an unforgettable experience!
Rating from: 6 guest reviews
Colonial Famliy Apartments
Colonial Family Apartments are located in a quiet residential area and only 8 minutes walk to the crystal waters of Faliraki and it's nearby blue flag beaches.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Set on a beautiful hillside in landscaped gardens, having a breathtaking panoramic view of Trianta Bay, this modern, stylish hotel combines quality and comfort with traditional Greek hospitality.
Rating from: 5 guest reviews
Dionysos Hotel - Rodos
Hotel Dionysos offers excellent facilities and services. This beautiful complex is set in the biggest and most luxurious private garden on the Island.
Domna Studios Hotel
Domna Studios consists of four separate studios inside the old town of Lindos. These studios are in an ideal position for those wishing to take advantage of what Lindos has to offer.
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Doreta Beach Hotel
Inviting and relaxing, this all Inclusive resort is situated in an excellent environment on a beautiful beach near the pretty village of Theologos.
Electra Palace Hotel - Rodos
Rhodes Electra Palace Hotel is a tastefully designed and well-situated building situated on the Gulf of Ialyssos on Rhodes Island.
Eleonas Hotel – Apartments, is a complex of 24 apartments located on the west side of Rhodes Island, Greece.
Esperia Hotel - Rodos
Esperia Hotel guarantee a friendly and capable staff to make your stay in Rodos an unforgettable experience. Esperia Hotel is situated just a step away from the fascinating medieval city of Rhodes
Esperos Village Hotel
The Esperos Village is an ideal hotel for quality, stylish, romantic and unforgettable holidays. The Hotel's advantageous location combines in a short drive away a variety of entertainments
Europa Hotel - Rhodes
Europa is a the modern and comfortable hotel with its prime location making it an ideal venue for business, leisure and family travellers.
Forum Hotel Apartments
The Forum Hotel is a great choice for a family holiday, in the true sense of the word and especially for those who like an informal and personal atmosphere.
Garden Hotel
This family run hotel in the Filerimos Valley offers home cooking and warm hospitality.
Grecotel Royal Rhodes
Kalithea Mare Palace
The Kalithea Mare Palace Hotel is made with unique taste, built on the top of the cape overlooking the Aegean Sea.
It is surrounded by beautiful gardens which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy your vacation.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Kallithea Sun & Sky Hotel
The Kalithea Sun and Sky hotel is set in a quiet and relaxing location amongst attractive gardens on a private road.
Kamiros Hotel
Kamiros Hotel is the ideal place for vacations or business trips. The hotel is suitable for all clients, ideally situated in the town centre, all attractions are within very easy reach.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Kipriotis Hotel
Welcome to Kipriotis Hotel! Here you will discover the endless beauty of Rhodes. Absorb the history and charm of the cosmopolitan new town.
Kresten Palace Hotel
Kresten Palace Hotel is situated on a panoramic hill overlooking the sea with a private beach, just 6 km from Rhodes centre, close to famous Faliraki, Kallithea spa and traditional "Koskinou" village
Ladiko Hotel
Ladiko Hotel is a superb establishment designed as the ultimate romantic and relaxing vacation spot
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Latino Bay Hotel
The Latino Bay is the first Adult Couples Only hotel on Rhodes. Enjoy and relax in an atmosphere especially designed for couples or explore the island’s natural treasures.
Lindos Mare Hotel
Lindos Mare Hotel promise to all the guests an impeccable service and excellent cuisine, create an atmosphere of discrete luxury and tranquillity in which to enjoy the perfect leisurely holiday.
Louis Colossos Beach Hotel
Colossos Beach Hotel, at Faliraki beach in Rhodes, offers superior accommodation facilities for relaxing vacations in one of the finest locations in Mediterranean.
Lydia Hotel
Welcome to Rhodes, an island known for it's history and beauty throughout the ages. The Lydia Hotel is the ideal place to stay while discovering this beautiful island.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Mareblue Cosmopolitan Hotel
Marie Rodos Hotel
Located in the well- known Greek island of Rhodes, this resort-style is a typical white facade Mediterranean resort located adjacent to and overlooking Rhodes beach.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Maritime Hotel Apartments
Mediterranean Hotel
The Mediterranean provides a superior first class hotel, redesigned to induce its guests in an atmosphere of relaxed elegance blending stylish decor with functional character and sense of comfort.
Mitsis Grand Hotel
The "Grand Hotel" is Rhodes' first premier five star luxury hotel, located on the cosmopolitan island of the sun, surrounded by the crystal waters of the Aegean sea.
Moschos Hotel- Rhodes
Hotel Moschos, located in the center of the town of Rhodes (Rhodos), could be the perfect place for a comfortable and pleasant stay.
Nathalie Hotel
Nathalie Hotel is a friendly and confortable Hotel, located in a quiet residential area and beautifully surrounded by wooded hills of pine and olive trees
Olympos Beach Hotel
Olympus Beach Hotel is situated in Faliraki bay, 2,5km from the center and 13km from the town of Rhodes. The excellent and outstanding service-friendly atmosphere will make your holidays unforgettable
Panaiotis Hotel
Panaiotis Studios is set in pretty gardens with stunning views os Pefkos. Pefkos is, without doubt, the most relaxed, amiable place you will ever have the pleasure to visit.
Paradise Royal Mare Hotel
Travel with Aldemar in the most unique "tastes of the world" against the Aegean Sea and the tunes of the classic Greek music.
Paradise Village Hotel
Savour the tastes of our gastronomic specialities in a luxurious atmosphere with top-quality service, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty. Come with us and explore traditional Greek summer tastes
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Parthenon Hotel - Rodos
Enjoy the sunshine from the beautiful view of your balcony; get ready for the night to come, full of music, drinks, people and fun!
Rhodos Beach Hotel
A drink at the bar, taking in the sweeping views out to sea should get your holiday off to a good start in our fabulous beachfront Hotel!
Riviera Hotel- Rhodos
Rodian Amathus Beach Hotel
On the west coast of Rhodes lies the picturesque resort of Ixia. Rodian Amathus Beach Hotel guarantees quality of service and standards.
Rodos Palace Hotel
Ideally located on a privileged site, extending from a cool green hill down to an idyllic beach, the Majestic Rodos Palace represents the ultimate in deluxe resort and convention facilities in Greece.
Rodos Palladium Hotel
A modern and luxurious resort set in a lush parkland overlooking the Aegean sea, located nine kilometres from the town centre.
Rodos Park Suites Hotel
The hotel’s tasteful surroundings, exceptional personalize service and the friendly, professional staff makes Rodos Park a preferred choice of the highly demanded visitors to the island of Rhodes
S.Nikolis Hotel & Apt
A once in a lifetime opportunity! S. Nikolis is an intimate, charming sandstone hotel, built with historical elegance and offering unparalled hospitality.
Semiramis Hotel - Rodos
Semiramis Hotel is perfectly suited to satisfy any taste all year around. From the magical views of the Old Town and New Town, the Semiramis Hotel is a haven of friendliness in hospitality.
Siravast Hotel
SIRAVAST HOTEL in Rhodes, welcome you and wish you the most enjoyable and pleasant stay.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Sofitel Capsis Hotel - Rhodes
The old world charm of Rhodes, its mild weather, and the resort’s stunning facilities make the Sofitel Capsis Hotel the perfect location for a pleasant and memorable holiday.
Sun Beah Resort Complex Hotel
Sun Beach Resort Complex is renowned for its diversity & differentiation of services and facilities that truly offers with a prime target & commitment, the satisfaction of its guests.
Sun Palace Hotel
Sun Palace Hotel is privilege situated in Faliraki area, the most popular beach in Rhodes. Sun Palace is the perfect choice for a relaxing and peaceful stay...
Sunshine Vacation Club Rhodes
Whether you dream of a cheerful, active vacation with family and friends, a peaceful, relaxing holiday by the sea or the romance of quiet candlelight dinners, come live your dream and create memories to last a lifetime at the Sunshine Vacation Club in Rhodes.
Rating from: 1 guest reviews
Sylvia Hotel
Silvia Hotel is one of the Rhodes Hotels runs by family members who help create a warm and friendly atmosphere that keeps our guests returning year after year.
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The Forum Beach Hotel
Forum Beach Hotel and Ultra All Inclusive Resort is a modern 4 star hotel complex, situated on a superb beach-side location.
The Ixian Grand Hotel
The wide variety of accommodation and food & beverage options, the superb service, the beach-front location, the proximity to the city of Rhodes (just 6 km) and the new state of the art conference hall are the prime ingredients that constitute The Ixian Grand as one of the best choices for a small meeting or an incentive on the island of Rhodes.
Rating from: 2 guest reviews
Trianta Hotel - Apartments
''Trianta'' is a modern Hotel apartment with spacious, clean, and sunny apartments. Own and run by the Trianta family.
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