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Overview: Sibiu, Romania

The coolest cultural city in Romania

The European Cultural Capital in 2007 will offer to you the most diversified touristical experiences. Placed in South of Transilvania, with a population of only 150.000 inhabitants, Sibiu can be proud with an unique natural and historical heritage. Here, you can’t be otherwise that amazed by the architectural style, by the street patterns or by the specific of the religious institutions. Among the main attractions of the city, you must visit the two big museum institutions, National Bruckenthal Museum, the oldest museum of the country, and The National Museum Complex ASTRA. After that, The Big Square, with an age of over 500 years, Evangalism Church, and also the six natural reservations (“The Bottomless Lake” from Ocna Sibiului, limestone deposits from Cisnădioara and Turnu Roşu, the reservation of Valea Sârbă, Bâlea lakes and Iezerele Cindrelului). Sibiu is also a destination extremely right for mountain expeditions or for the moments when you just want a simple relaxing week in a mountain hut. Păltiniş, situated at just 37 km away, it is definitely a good idea.

Where to stay

Our Suggestions
• Hotel Continetal Forum
• Libra Hotel
• Palace Resort
• Bocca del Rio Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Max Restaurant
• La Piazzeta
• La Turn
• Taverna Românească
What to do

Our Suggestions
• Brukenthal Museum
• The Big Square
• The church in fir trees
• The Park „Sub Arini”
About Sibiu »
About Sibiu

Probably the positioning of the city at the commercial crossroads between East and West, Balcans and Central Europe, gives to it at this moment the importance that recently has. The historical centre is one of the most significant of Romania and its surroundings, as Făgăraş mountains or Păltiniş resort, offers to tourists the relaxation that they deserve. Sibiu was created on the place of an old roman establishment by saxons colonists in XII century, and the city still keeps that West specific.The narrow cobbled streets, passages and stairways spiral creates a romantic atmosphere. About the architecture and designs, impressive is the way the walls, the fortification systems and the street patterns were maintained.

Sibiu inhabitants are known as carriers of traditional values, of romanian specific way. Therefore, you will be welcomed by a naturalness of hospitality and friendship. As a visitor of Sibiu, go to important monuments such as the Tower Stairs, Butchers Market, Old City Hall Tower, University of Transylvanian Saxons, Franciscan Church or Bruckenthal Museum, which has the art collection of Baron Samuel Brukenthal. In your way to all this, is virtually impossible to miss the beauty of walking in the Big Square or in the Small, just as you cross The Bridge of Lies. Then, take a few hours on the main museums. Collections of paintings, archeology, art history and natural science are among the rarest in the world. If you get there in the cold season, there's no problem, mountain towns can offer the possibility to practice winter sports at a high quality level. Here, you will have even slope equipped with carriage backs and teleskiis.
History of Sibiu »
History of Sibiu

The first documentary mention on Sibiu lands dates from 20 december, 1191. At that time, Pope Celestine III confirmed the existence of free germans religious position in Transylvania, based in Sibiu. In the first half of the fourteenth century, Sibiu obtain the civitas quality, in a document from the year 1366, when for the first time it was mentioned the name of the municipality as Hermannstadt. Towards the end of sec. XV is formed the institution called Saxon University, that was in the administrative head hierarchy of all saxons, led by a royal judge, later commit of the Saxons.

Sibiu medieval period meant for Sibiu a continuous economic development, marked by the work of the guilds. The first documents from 1376, talks about 19 guilds with 25 trades. Also, the first homes were built along the existing Faure and 9 May streets. Meanwhile, on the set up was built a roman basilica, missing in today age. The end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the century were marked by military conflicts that influenced the evolution of economic and social life in Sibiu. Namely, the events related to the campaigns of Mihai Viteazul, Battle of Selimbar (1599) and the siege in which Sibiu was placed between 1601-1603 by the troops of Sigismund Báthory. Over less than a decade (1610), Sibiu is occupied by the army of Prince Gabriel Bathory.

In the first half of the XIX century, a new wave of settlers, landlers, establishes in Sibiu, specifically in Neppendorf. Gradually, the presence of the romanian population in the city is increasingly lively, and Sibiu became at the middle of nineteenth century the spiritual heart of the struggle for the emancipation of the nation. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Sibiu is a vibrant city along with its times. It is the third city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the second one that introduced electric trams. The urban, economic and social development Sibiu enjoyed in the early XX century is hindered by the outbreak of World War. City official name changes to "Sibiu" in 1919 and the streets received romanian names.

The communist system, with few exceptions, didn’t touched the old city, and Sibiu becames the county of the same named place. At 21 december of 1989, at Sibiu starts the anticommunist demonstrations continued on december 22, which left 89 deaths and hundreds wounded. Sibiu was the second city, chronologically after Timişoara, which raised against the dictatorship. Memorable premieres of Sibiu remain the opening of the first homeopathy laboratory in the world, by Samuel von Hahnemann, in 1797. Then, the first hospital in Romania, in 1292, the first pharmacy in 1494 and the first museum in Romania, Brukenthal Museum, opened in 1817.
Sibiu City Breaks »
Sibiu City Breaks »

Sibiu is not such a big city, that’s why can offer to its tourists the silence and the fresh air that big cities don’t even dream about. They say that, sometimes, Sibiu transportation isn’t really necessary, and the city could be seen by walk, for a more enjoyable experience. In the "Lower City" and in the "Upper Town" there are many vestiges of medieval architecture, of defence or civil, that deserves your attention.

The long walks in city parks are very relaxing, the one in the park "Sub Arieni" is a real pleasure. But all this doesn’t mean that Sibiu hasn’t a night life, bars and clubs being active as long as the youth ask for it. For this, we recommend you Chill Out, Up Town and Nomad clubs. If during your stay you want to change the environment fast, anytime, in just few minutes, you can go at Sibiu nature lands very easily. Other important aspects of Sibiu are the cold mountain water, unforgetable, but also the restaurants specific menu, Sibiu people having numerous original recipes.

You can think also at a longer stay in Sibiu, the economic environment from here and the lately ramified development allow you to find fast a working place. Therefore, there is a quality of all services, and the accomodations reach indeed a high level of proficiency. Leading publications classify Sibiu as one of the first country destinations and among the first wonders of Romania.
Top places to eat in Sibiu »
Top places to eat in Sibiu

Max Restaurant

Situated in the old centre of Sibiu, this restaurant can offer to you one of the most wide mediteranean menu, beside numerous other swiss specialities. The elegance and the luxury of the restaurant combines happily with the piano songs and the faultlessly waiters services. As a sugestion, you could try the tomatoes soup or Max salad, because of their fine taste.

La Piazzeta
This is the right choice for an exceptional pizza made at oven. Or, if you’re going out with all your friends, choose the “family” one, cause it’s extremely big. The prices are accessible according to the quality of services and to the atmosphere of Small Square. That’s why, maybe, “La Piazzeta” is a place so frequented by sibiu inhabitants. Beside the various types of pizza, we recommend you the beef soup, trout made at oven or filetto gorgonzola with an italian red wine Chianti Classico Reserva.

La Turn
The restaurant will gain your attention in the first place through its location, in the historical centre of Sibiu, in one of the most famous buildings. The solid wood, treated naturally, with elegant lighting and with special images of the old city will create for you a memorable atmosphere. For the meal, you could choose among the italian specialities, but also from the offer of the ones made with sea fruits, pasta and salads. Also, it seemed attractice to us the chicken speciality pollo alle verdure and the lamb one named spezzantino di agnello con polenta.

Taverna Românească
Located in the Târgul Peştelui area the restaurant calls you through the romanian specific specialities and through the faultlessly services. The portions are created in a way that nobody won’t leave the table unhappy, and the prices are really ok. The popular live music will complete your night here. As a recommendation, choose “Dumbrava” chicken with sour cream sauce and mushrooms, of course after the free-house plum brandy.
Top tourist attractions in Sibiu »
Top tourist attractions in Sibiu

Brukenthal Museum
The biggest museum from South East Europe is located in the historical centre and it combines Brukenthal Museum, Natural History Museum, History Museum, Museum of Pharmacy and The Museum of Guns and Hunting Trophies. Inside you could admire the stoves in rococo and neo-classical style, carpet of red silk and the paper one painted in oriental style, glass Murano chandelier and furniture Transilvania style pieces from the century XVIII. Also, the heritage has a picture gallery constituted from 1.070 paintings on the second floor. The palace shelters also the Brukenthal Library with almost 300.000 library units (manuscripts, rare foreign book, romanian old book from Transilvania, recent books and speciality magazines); you can’t miss the collection of european painting with the 1.200 works of european painting schools from century XV-XVIII.

The Big Square
Practical, the square confounds with the historical centre of Sibiu and it is the right place to start your journey in the city. The south side of the square is declared architectural monument because of the unique medieval style that is maintained here. We must mention „the cities eyes”, as there are named the roofs windows that can be seen perfect form here. The square has a great significance, the important institutions being located right here: Brukenthal Palace, Blue House, House of Generals, House Haller or House Weidner Reusner Czekelius.

The Church between the fir trees
The church was created in 1788 and represents the oldest romanian edifice from Sibiu. The edifice was initially a greek catholic church, and now the church has a large hall in the central area, that supports a dome of the drummer in a oval shape. The facade and the interior has baroque elements, such as the massive column, pilasters and the seashell specific. Here you can find numerous funerary monuments of national importance of significant personalities, such as historians, philologists or politicians.

The Park „Sub Arini”
The park has a surface of 22 hectars and offers to you an excellent relaxing experience. It is one of the biggest in Romania and shelters 68 plant species and 95 species of sedentary or migratory birds. Among with alders, lindens, chestnuts, plane-trees and other types (some of them at the age of over 150 years), here can be admired species from North America, Far East (japanese berberis vulgaris, ginkgo bilboa) or the fir from Caucaz. Beside the leisure restorations of the last years, the one for public pool, for the tennis court, the municipality intends to smooth the tourists access to Dumbrava Forest and Zoo Garden through building a track for bicycle riders.
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Ana Hotel - Sibiu
From the very beginning our main goal has been to provide the best possible service to our GUESTS, almost to the point of obsession, we have been striving to constantly improve the quality of our services in order to have satisfied GUESTS that would come back again and again.
Bocca del Rio Hotel - Sibiu
The hotel with restaurant, Bocca del Rio, was opened in the spring of 2007, just like a colourful and beautiful parfumed flower, in a picturesque environment, at the border of Sibiu, as a fruit of the hard work of a family from Gura Raului, Sibiu county. The architecture and design, chosen with love, emphasize the pride of the local citizens deeply rooted in the Dacian and Roman culture.
Hotel Continental Forum Sibiu
Continental Forum Hotel is the meeting place of people around the world, a space which encourages communication between styles and attitudes.

The unique and original building in design is a harmonious mixture between culture,history and arts. The modern and inviting space inside will greet you with an unmistakable atmosphere of comfort and elegance.
Rating from: 4 guest reviews
Ibis Sibiu Hotel - Sibiu
Ibis Sibiu is equally convenient to those here on business and those here for pleasure
Libra Hotel - Sibiu
With its impressive indoor swimming pool and luxurious sauna and fitness facilities, the Libra hotel offers you relaxation in style enhanced by high-quality cuisine.
Palace Resort Sibiu
Palace Resort and Spa is an exquisite five diamonds facility, member of Diamond Club Hilton network, located at the premises of Sibiu City, near Dumbrava Forest, a monument of nature.
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