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Overview: Timişoara, Romania

Romania’s freedom has its name!

Situated in the West of Romania, Timişoara is the city of the first revolutionary acts, at 15 december 1989. The 1.000 deaths and the other few thousands wears the worth of today’s Romania freedom. Timişoara is the city of premieres in Romania, but also in the world. At 1760, it was the first city of monarchy with streets lightened with lamps, at 1771 the first newspaper in the country was here, at 1881 the first telephone network or at 1899 the first electrical tram was running here. The main Timişoara values are the one viewed accordingly to its assesed culture, architectural inheritance, and also by its educational institutions.

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• Angellis Hotel
• Excelsior Hotel
• Valentina Hotel
• Savov Hotel
Where to eat

Our Suggestions
• Casa cu flori
• River Deck by The Note
• Da Toni Pizza
• Timişoreana
What to do

Our Suggestions
• Orthodox Cathedral
• Victoriei Plaza
• Art Museum
• Bega’s Channel
About Iaşi »
„The Timiş Citadel” can also be named the city of premieres. Starting with Bega’s channel since 1728, the oldest navigable channel on Romania territory, with the provision of the first telegraphic service (1854) and finalizing with the first protests against the communism system.

In Timişoara, as a tourist, you will be impressed by multiple historical buildings, by baroque architecture with viennese influences and by cities palaces. The academic importance of the city has its own charm, near the parks or green spaces placed on Bega channel. In present, Timişoara knows an important economic development, throughthe raising number of investors from Germany, Italy and America.
History of Timişoara »
Timişoara is Romania's second city as number of inhabitants, with a history of nearly eight centuries. An important contribution to its development has had King Charles of Anjou. During his reign, he ordered the construction of a royal palace. Then, for a short time, he will move the capital of Hungary until at Timişoara.

Timişoara, throughout history, has suffered numerous sieges: the army of uprising peasants led by Gheorghe Doja or the Ottoman army under the command of Ahmed Pasha (1552). In 1716, Eugene of Savoy conquered the citadel, and for 200 years will be led by austro-hungarians. It was only in 1920 when occurs the union between Banat and Romania and in Timişoara it establishes the romanian administration. This will conduct to its economic and demographic flourishing.

Therefore many enterprises will be built: two distillery, an iron foundry, a match factory, a brick factory, a gas plant, a factory chain, a hat factory and a chocolate one. In that period are inserted in circulation the horse tram, phone, electric street lighting, and also large circulation arteries are built. During the First World War, the Timişoara’s population creates a big demonstration and it will be established a National Council of Banat, with representatives of Romania, Serbia and Germany. Beyond this, the events of 1989 will be those that will define Timişoara in the contemporary period.

The protests have been the effect, initially, of the foreced movement of reformed pastor László Tőkés. Then, the protest turned into an anticommunism one, gathering the tens of thousands of people. On the December 20, 1989, Timişoara was free by communism with the price of the lives of 1,000 people and injuries to other thousands. A week later, communism ended throughout the whole country.
Timişoara City Breaks »
Timişoara City Breaks »

The influence of the people that arrived here, frum Turkey, Austria, Germany and Serbia, is still present along the old centre. The charm of the city is offered, in main, through its architectural character and dinamic cultural activities. In „Small Wien” you could be a part of the numerous musical concerts, theatrical performances and to an unique night-life. For another type of leisure, the parks and the Timişoara’s gardens will offer to you the freshness that you need. Regarding the transport, you can pass the city very easily, the trams or busses are waiting for you, but why not, it worths, you could visit the city by walking.

For your first day in Timişoara we recommend you a walk or a coffee near Victoriei or Unirii Plaza or a visit to Revolution Museum. No matter where you will decide to go, the hospitality and honest character of the inhabitants will be everywhere.
Top places to eat in Timişoara »
Top places to eat in Timişoara

Casa cu flori
The house history started in 1876, when it was the property of Wilhelm Muhle, who transformed it in a flower paradise, from here its name also. Localized near Timisoara’s centre, the restaurant is the most visited tourists place from everywhere. The place has a restaurant, a sweetshop and a coffee house, all offering the most fine products. From the recommended meals, we remind you the turkey with cherry sauce, the wild boar in hunting sauce or the brine carp with polenta. At desert, don’t miss the pancakes with sweet chees and raisins or pancakes with sauce sour cream and comfiture.

River Deck by The Note
The restaurant’s menu is a combined one, asian and mediteranean. In this case, the mint and ginger flavour flavour, or the teriaki souce and wasabi will follow you from the start. The main actor of the kitchen is the trundled sushi through sticky rice grains. Try the teriyaki salmon or the spicy shrimps Thai Gung Saah. For chicken amators, it’s not a bad idea, it doesn’t have also a high price, the chicken skewers with peanut sauce. In extra, the place has also a extremly modern terrace and bar.

Da Toni Pizza
If you would like just a good pizza, italian one, in the student’s complex, here is the right place. The pasta are delicious, also the cozzels fried with panna cotta. The personnel won’t let you wait minutes and minutes your order, the hospitality existing here truly.

For a traditional beer, „Timisoreana”, filtered beer, stay here for a few hours. The prices are medium to little, and the personnel always ready and kind with their customers. As a recommendation, borsch at only 2 euro.
Top tourist attractions in Timişoara »
Top tourist attractions in Timişoara

Timişoara’s Orthodox Cathedral
This is the biggest religious building from Timisoara, built between 1936 and 1940. What is amazing in case of this cathedral, is represented by the way in which it combines the romanian religious tradition with the moldavian-byzantine one. Here you can visit an impressive church art collection, specific to Banat region, also with a valuable icon collection.

Victoriei Plaza
You can’t miss the place in which Timisoara’s revolutionaries, in the year of 1989, gathered to start demolishing the communist system. From here, being a central place, you can visit important institutions, such as Romanian Opera, National Theatre, State Hungarian Theatre, German State Theatre, Orthodox Cathedral, Cinema’s Timiş, Capitol, Studio, Banat Museum or Art Galleries. For an unforgetable walk, step on the „Corso” promenade, from the Opera till the Cathedral. In the past, this was the walking place of the high Timisoara’s society, well iluminated, with restaurants and luxury stores.

Timişoara’s Art Museum
Located in the baroque Palace in Timişoara, the actual museum is the result of a process of over 120 years. Now, it includes an unique collection of 90 pieces and personal objects of the romanian painter Corneliu Baba. Another important museum component of the museum is contained by the contemporary art sellection, developed in the 8 available chambers. After that, you can visit the old art heritage, from the years 1909-1912. Also, you will be able to see the european art or the decorative one, with its collection of over 1.500 pieces, assigned in the furniture collections, ceramic and porcelain, glassware, watches, metal or textiles. From the museum heritage, there are also a part de romanian painting collections, Banat ones and religious.

Bega’s Channel
This Timişoara sea channel is the first one built in Romania, in the year 1728. Its length lies on the surface of 44 km, on Romania territory, and 72 km on Serbia’s territory. Since 2000, on the river course can be made recreational races, from the Childrens Park jetty and till the Iron Bridge. A note about Bega’s Channel is the fact that is crossed by 11 bridges and 3 rising scaffold bridge, everyone with its story and lengends. For example, regarding the Iron Bridge, built in 1917, the legend says that the plans were made by Gustave Eiffel, the architect of the famous Eiffel Tour. Enjoy every single legend!
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The amiability and promptitude of our services is what will make you gladly come again.
Elysee Hotel - Timisoara
The Elysee hotel is the peak of luxury combining superb facilities with impeccable service.

The incomparable, heavenly 5-star Boutique Hotel is a uniquely luxurious construction of Classical architecture set in superbly manicured landscaped gardens, itself a work of art.
Euro Hotel - Timisoara
Euro Hotel is specially created to satisfy the demands of the business people and tourists.
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Conveniently located, close to the financial, cultural and shopping area of Timisoara, only a few minutes walking distance to the beat of downtown life, in a quiet area, Hotel Excelsior welcomes you with a touch of elegance and modernity.
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Boca Junior Hotel has been designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the customers.
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